Unified Endpoint Management

As the world changes and becomes more unpredictable, planning for the next disruption is even more critical. In light of the rapid pivot to working from home, many organizations are re-evaluating their IT crisis management strategies - particularly around remote endpoint management.

A hybrid workforce environment requires flexibility so end users can work seamlessly and productively from anywhere. Traditional endpoint strategies must eventually include modern, cloudbased management techniques that acknowledge a more complex endpoint landscape.

Traditional Endpoint Management

Characterized by on-premises, granular management of computers and servers, activities typically include discovery/ inventory, scripting, software installation, patching, software asset management (SAM), vulnerability scanning, and agent or agentless management of IoT devices. This method is supported by the KACE Systems Management Appliance.

Modern Endpoint Management

Modern endpoint management encompasses cloud-based control of iOS and Android mobile devices alongside traditional Microsoft and Mac laptops Features include easy device enrollment, inventory information and functions like resetting a password or wiping a stolen device. These capabilities and more are available in KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager.

KACE Unified Endpoint Manager

No matter where you are in your endpoint management journey, KACE Unified Endpoint Manager gives you the flexibility to continue with traditional endpoint management while you add modern management.

Now these two functions are united with a common, intuitive interface - allowing you to easily discover, manage and secure all your endpoints from one console. Reclaim the time you’ve been spending manually managing multiple solutions to achieve endpoint security and gain peace of mind that your network is protected.

With KACE Unified Endpoint Manager, you can co-manage your traditional and modern endpoints, including Windows and Mac laptops, Linux, non-computer devices (printers, network devices...) servers, IoT, and iOS and Android mobile devices. It’s the best of both worlds.


Deployment and Discovery

Easily scan to discover devices accessing your network. Remotely provision existing endpoints or new ones for deployment without having to handle them. Ship an endpoint directly to your end user from the supplier without having to be the middleman.

Granular Inventory

Access a detailed inventory of data on each traditional device in your environment. Manage and view data with flexible reporting at a high level or get automated deep dive analysis when needed.

Flexible Configuration

Define specific policies and administrative functions that can be applied to a single device or group of devices.

Software and Application Distribution

Automatically track, deploy and maintain current versions of software and applications, keeping your environment secure and compliant.

Patch Management

Secure your environment with automated patch identification and deployment. Ensure your patching is always current.

Powerful Mobile Device Control

Remotely locate, reset passwords, lock, erase, or factory reset any enrolled mobile device.

App Store Integration

Provision and deploy required store and in-house developed apps according to enterprise distribution policies. Manually or automatically identify out of date apps and push updates.


Use existing templates or build ad hoc reports on your entire landscape or a subset of devices. Format your reports to meet any compliance or organizational needs.

Built in Service Desk

When faced with an endpoint issue, your users can easily report it and get resolution, minimizing the impact to their workday.

Comprehensive Device Coverage

Fully manage all operating systems from a single console: macOS, Windows, Chromebook, Linux, iOS and Android.

With KACE Unified Endpoint Manager, you can support your hybrid workforce by moving to modern management while managing your existing traditional endpoints. Be confident that your endpoints are protected from the next cyberattack.

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