KACE Service Desk

A complete ticket management system that streamlines IT workflows

The Quest® KACE® Service Desk provides you with a comprehensive, automated IT ticketing system that helps your IT organization centrally manage, prioritize and track all your end user help desk requests throughout the entire ticket lifecycle.

Complete with automated ticket creation, prioritization rules, escalation procedures and two-way communication between the user and technician, KACE Service Desk helps you effectively reduce service desk workloads and the required IT resources while speeding issue resolution.

“Having the KACE Go app helps. No matter where I am, I can make sure that service desk tickets are being tracked, managed and that end users are being taken care of. This gives me the freedom to work on other projects in other areas of the building with peace of mind.”
Shawn Preston,
Systems Administrator, Westin Building Exchange

Unlike traditional help desk ticketing systems, KACE Service Desk provides powerful end user support, including a robust self-service capability and a comprehensive knowledge-base that empowers users to enter their own help desk tickets and track its progress through to resolution.

The KACE Service Desk ticket management system is also equipped with an integrated asset discovery feature, along with a conditional workflow manager, giving your IT team continuous visibility and control over your entire IT landscape.

KACE Service Desk is also fully customizable to meet your organization’s unique requirements, practices and IT processes.

Designed to support both your mobile workforce, including users and technicians alike, KACE Service Desk helps you prevent delays, loss of productivity and the need for service technicians to be physically present, so your users have support and can get to work regardless of whether they are working in the office, at home or on the go.


  • Discovery and Inventory - Discovery and Inventory - Gain insight into the hardware and software within your IT landscape including laptops, desktops, servers, storage devices, and connected non-compute devices. Easily add physical assets to inventory with mobile barcode scanning using the KACE® GO Mobile App.
  • Ticket management - Easily manage the tickets using standard and customizable fields to ensure that your team has all the data needed to quickly resolve requests.
  • Predefined workflows - Build conditional workflows that align with your IT processes and ensure that you save time and meet your SLAs. Use these workflows to systemically manage compliance demands and audits.
  • Self-service portal - Provide end users access to an intuitive self-service portal where they can initiate and track their own tickets, research their own issues and install company approved applications.
  • Reporting and metrics - Use the robust reporting engine to create predefined or custom reports that provide valuable insights to demonstrate the value and position IT as a strategic business partner within the wider organization.
  • Integration - Easily add physical assets to your inventory with mobile barcode scanning using the Quest® KACE® GO Mobile App for realtime incident management.
  • Unlimited technician access - Scale the solution to support your growing IT team and add as many technicians as needed to meet the demands of your service desk users.
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