KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager

Simple, straightforward, cloud-based mobile device management

As your organization becomes increasingly more reliant on mobile technologies, your employees expect to use their preferred mobile devices to access corporate resources, so they can be productive anywhere and at any time.

You’d love to oblige, but you need to minimize security risks. You need to know exactly what mobile devices - both company-provided and bring your own device (BYOD) - are accessing your environment, and be able to efficiently manage and secure all device types.

Moreover, because you’re already managing multiple solutions across the IT infrastructure, you need a solution that’s fast and easy to deploy and use, and that won’t require excessive data center overhead or hours of your precious time to keep running.

KACE® by Quest® Cloud Mobile Device Manager makes it easy to inventory and manage the mobile, Mac and Windows devices accessing your environment.

And because KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager is a software-as-aservice (SaaS) solution, getting started is quick and simple - and you won't incur management overhead or sacrifice space in your data center.

KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager provides easy device enrollment, comprehensive inventory information, and a broad set of commands - from resetting a password to wiping a stolen device - that help minimize security risks and data breaches. It also protects data at rest or in transit with industry-standard encryption.

And if you use KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager together with the KACE Systems Management Appliance, you’ll be able to inventory, manage, secure and service devices, both traditional and mobile, on your network through a single pane of glass.


  • Proactively inventory and manage corporate- or employee-owned mobile devices
  • Enhance security by identifying, inventorying and controlling the mobile devices accessing your network
  • Minimize management effort with an easy-to-use interface that offers powerful, consistent functionality across mobile device platforms
  • Separate corporate and personal data to eliminate data bleed while managing applications and settings to protect corporate and personal data
  • Minimize risk by easily locating or wiping any lost or stolen mobile device
  • Inventory, manage, secure and service the devices, both traditional and mobile, on your network through a single pane of glass by integrating KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager with the KACE Systems Management Appliance at no additional cost
  • Implement in hours, avoid capital costs and management overhead, and receive enhancements and upgrades as soon as they are available with a SaaS delivery model

Use KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager together with the KACE Systems Management Appliance and you’ll be able to inventory, manage, secure and service both mobile and traditional devices on your network through a single pane of glass.


Easy device enrollment

Simply provide your users with a URL that enables them to register their devices. Upon enrollment, the device will be provisioned with the initial profile.

Powerful device control

Send specific commands to any mobile device that has been registered - and remotely inventory, lock, unlock, erase or factory reset the device or reset its password. Manually or autonomously, identify out of date apps and push updates.

Flexible, comprehensive device inventory

KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager can automatically inventory your devices daily, and you can manually trigger the inventory as needed. The information collected includes device attributes, configured policies, installed applications, installed certificates, installed profiles and network settings.

User management

Users often have multiple devices, so the product makes it possible for IT administrators to both filter the user list by device attributes and filter the device list by user attributes.

Bulk device configuration

Configure one or multiple mobile devices simultaneously with applications, account settings, WiFi, VPN and other criteria. Save pre-configured settings for easy deployment of new devices, as well as wirelessly import and deploy profiles created by Apple Configurator 2.

Smart labels

Manage devices or users just as you would with KACE Systems Management Appliance using smart labels. Save and maintain a set of filters that will automatically tag multiple devices or users based on the filter criteria for easy, automated deployment and updates.

Personal and corporate-owned device support

Logically separate personal and corporate data as part of your BYOD program, and gain granular control of corporate-owned devices.

Apple Purchase Program (VPP)/Android Paid Apps

Manage paid-for applications easily and cost-effectively. Purchase the licenses you need and manage how they are allocated to your users.

Platform consistency

Make device management easy by minimizing platform differences. KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager uses a common set of inventory attributes, policies and management commands for all managed devices whether they use Android, iOS, macOS or Windows 10.

Location tracking

In the event of an audit or a lost device, the product's extensive location tracking features allow you to easily collect realtime data on the location of a device and store device location history.

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