Foglight for Virtualization

End-to-everything visibility to help simplify the complexity of your data center infrastructure.

Optimizing the health and effciency of your entire virtual infrastructure is critical to end-user satisfaction. But managing virtual, physical and cloud environments can get complicated.

  • End-to-everything visualization
  • Change tracking and performance impact analysis
  • Capacity planning and resource utilization management
  • Optimization
  • Chargeback and showback reporting
  • vSwitch support
  • VMware and Citrix VDI monitoring
  • OpenStack monitoring

End-to-Everything Visibility

Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition provides holistic insight to help simplify the complexity of your data center infrastructure, reduce costs and speed deployment. Get full visibility into bottlenecks, network traffc and bandwidth so issues can be addressed before impacting customers.

Dramatically reduce mean time to resolution, control costs and deliver maximum performance from your virtual infrastructure. With Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition, you’re armed with a powerful solution that can help you focus on your business - not on bottlenecks.


End-to-everything visualization

Get unmatched visibility into VMware and Hyper-V environments with monitoring and management across the virtualization infrastructure stack. Single-pane-of-glass dashboards Use built-in intuitive workflows to view overall VM and cloud health, current resource utilization, candidates for optimization and critical issues.

Change tracking and performance impact analysis

Troubleshoot performance issues and visualize changes to your virtual infrastructure. Correlate changes toperformance impact at the individual VM level. Easily determine who made whatchange, when, and optionally choose to roll back changes that negatively impact performance.

Capacity and resource management

Easily monitor and access current workload capacity, identify shortfalls, analyze alternative scenarios and plan for data center growth or additional virtualized workloads. Safely deploy additional VMs by identifying available slots, forecast exhaustion of resources in VMs and estimate purchasing requirements with the ability to model hardware changes.

Optimization and automation

Reduce OPEX with expert advice on optimizing VM density, including vCPU, vMemory and guest storage. Enforce proper VM lifecycle management with automation capabilities that help you easily deploy new VMs, decommission old VMs and remove unnecessary files. Chargeback and showback reporting Simplify data center management and improve the return on investment of your existing IT infrastructure with cost visibility and accountability across virtualization operations. With a clear view of resources consumed and their associated costs, you will be able to charge back cost centers or external customers with ease.

vSwitch support

Get a comprehensive map of your network topology with end-to-end network routes between VMs and hosts. Easily monitor network usage and highlight performance alarms.

VMware View monitoring Ensure user satisfaction by effectively managing and troubleshooting the performance of your VDI environment. Quickly discover and configure your VMware View environment with easyto- use wizards and dashboards.

Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp monitoring

Locate poorly performing user sessions before you hear from frustrated users. Visualize and analyze across the entire Citrix VDI infrastructure, from individual user sessions, services, desktops, applications and delivery groups, to Active Directory logins, back-end VMs, NetScaler and virtualized storage tiers with the optional Citrix VDI cartridge. User-centric views tie it all back to the end-user experience.

OpenStack monitoring

Visualize the entire OpenStack cloud data center in one single topology with the optional OpenStack cartridge. All objects under OpenStack management are represented along with their performance and availability, enabling fast resolution of bottlenecks.

Integration with storage, Exchange and Active Directory

Take advantage of optional modules that enable full integration with MicrosoftExchange and Microsoft Active Directory performance monitoring.


  •   Expose bottlenecks and heavy bandwidth consumers with vSwitch support.
  •   Achieve cost effciency to improve virtual machine (VM) density and administrator to VM ratios.
  •   Experience unmatched visibility into your heterogeneous virtual environment with granular monitoring across the IT stack.
  •   Reduce operational expenditures (OPEX) and optimize management of capital expenditures (CAPEX).
  •   Improve VM performance and mitigate downtime risks resulting from change events using detailed performance impact analysis.
  •   Save time on routine IT administrative tasks with usercontrolled automation.
  •   Reduce risk and manage compliance with detailed change management and cost analysis.
  •   Support business growth with a highly scalable solution that allows monitoring of thousands of VMs.

System Requirements & Support


  • Foglight Management Server
  • 4 vCPUs
  • 10GB of memory
  • 120GB of disk storage

Platform Support

  • VMware: VirtualCenter (VCMS) 2.5.x, vCenter Server 5.5, vSphere up to version 6.0, vCloud 5.5 and View 5.5
  • Microsoft Hyper-V: Microsoft Windows 2008 Server R2 or Windows 2012
  • OpenStack: Juno, Icehouse, Havana, Kilo and Liberty
  • KVM: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x and 7.x
  • Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp 7.0 and higher, Citrix NetScaler 10.1 and higher


  • Microsoft Active Directory performance monitoring
  • Microsoft Exchange performance monitoring
  • Foglight Application Performance Monitoring
  • Foglight for Databases
  • Foglight for Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp
  • Foglight for Storage Management
  • Foglight for OpenStack
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